Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the dresses lined?
No, the dresses are not lined. A bodice liner is provided with all dresses that do not have satin on the chest (where crochet top is visible). The skirt portion is solid tulle and there is no lining underneath. For coverage, a slip or leggings will be needed.

Q: Are the skirt portions one solid, large piece of tulle or are strips of tulle used?
Strips of tulle are used, not one solid piece. Using strips creates the fullness and airy like effect. Keeping in mind that strips are used, this is another reason a slip is highly recommended.
Q: What is your return policy?
We do not allow returns, I'm sorry. FFT only sells merchandise which is brand new and cannot re-sell items which have been previously worn. Once the item leaves our facility, it is considered "used". Please make sure you have properly measured/entered the correct size before ordering to avoid receiving an ensemble which does not fit.
Q: I just placed an order and forgot to add something. Can I add to my existing order?
It depends on whether or not your order has already shipped. You may check with FFT to see if your existing order has shipped out or not. If your order has not shipped, we may be able to accommodate and add to your order. If your order has already been sent out, you will need to create a new order.
Contact us  as soon as possible if this happens. Be sure to include the name in which the order is under, the order number and type "Need To Add To My Order" in the subject line of your e-mail.
Q: How soon can I expect my order?
On each page, it will be noted as to how many days are needed to create your ensemble *OR* noted on the homepage itself. During wedding season, it could take up to 8 - 10 weeks. We try to get your ensemble out much sooner than the time frame specified but you should assume the time frame noted is what will occur (not including shipping). If you placed an order for more than one ensemble, all of your items will ship out by the specified time frame. For example, if something takes up to 1 - 2 weeks to create, it does not mean that 2 - 4 weeks are needed if you order 2. You can expect both of your items to ship out within within the same time frame. If you place an unusually large order, we will contact you right away if there is a problem with meeting the deadline.
Q: Are the crochet tops lined with any type of fabric?
Frilly Fairy Tales provides a liner to provide coverage!  Additionally, the liners will provide warmth during the cooler months. We use a stretch jersey knit fabric or tricot, typically in a light beige/nude color, white, ivory or black (depending on the outfit). Dresses with chest sashes do not come with a liner.
Q: The colors in the tutu I received do not look the same as what I saw online, what should I do?
All computer monitors are different and sometimes the colors on the computer screen appears different than what they appears in person. FFT clearly describes the colors used for each ensemble - please thoroughly read the description before adding it to your cart. When it is stated that an ensemble consists of a "turquoise" tutu for example, it does in fact consist of a turquoise tutu, even if it appears blue or green on your computer screen. You may also request a swatch before placing your order as a safety measure.
Q: I changed my mind and want to cancel my order, what do I do?
If your items have not shipped out, FFT will cancel the order and you will receive a full refund. Be sure to include the name in which the order is being shipped to, the order number and type "Need To Cancel My Order" in the subject line of the e-mail. You will receive a confirmation once your request has been processed.
Q. Why do I have to give you my e-mail address and daytime phone number during check out?
Your e-mail address is needed so you may receive payment confirmation and be notified when your items ship. Your phone number is needed in case there are questions about your order.
Your information is not sold or given to any third party. Additionally, we do not send spam.
All information provided to FFT remains confidential.

Q: The ensemble I received looks damaged or appears that it may have a defect, what should I do?
FFT thoroughly inspects all items before shipping them out however, we cannot be held accountable for anything that is damaged during shipping.  If an item appears to have a defect which is unrelated to shipping, contact us right away. Be sure to include the name of the person the item was shipped to, the order number and type "Damaged Merchandise" in the subject line of your e-mail.
Q: How soon can I expect to hear back from you when I send an e-mail?
You can expect an answer within 2 business days however, FFT tries to respond the same day if possible. We operate Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM EST but occasionally respond to messages after business hours.
Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
Frilly Fairy Tales accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Paypal
Q: Do I have to pay sales tax?
If you are a Virginia resident, yes, you will have to pay 5% sales tax on your subtotal. Sales tax is not applicable to residents residing in other states.
Q: Do you ship internationally?
Yes, Frilly Fairy Tales ships around the world! International Priority via USPS is used.
Q: I placed an order over the weekend - when will my order be processed? 
If your order is placed outside of our business hours, your order will be processed the following business day.
Q: Do you offer rush orders?
If you need an item sooner than the specified time frame, please contact us prior to ordering and type "Rush Order" in the subject line of your e-mail. Due to the complexity of creating certain ensembles, high volume of orders, etc., we may not be able to fulfill your request.
Q: What service do you use to ship packages and is expedited shipping available?
FFT sends items out through USPS Priority Mail and International Priority for 2 reasons A) the shipping is faster and B) tracking is provided, including tracking on international packages. Priority shipping is a bit more expensive but well worth it in the end.

US Priority is 2 - 3 business days for transit time. International Priority is approximately 1 - 2 weeks. For International shipping, keep in mind that the package must clear US customs *and* customs in the country in which the package is going to. International Priority speeds up the transit time but does not speed up time while in customs.

Q: Is tulle comfortable to wear?
Some children do not like the feel of tulle against their skin. If this happens, one of the following suggestions should fix this problem.

- Have your child wear a slip (most recommended option)
- Have your child wear leggings

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