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The Object Of Frilly's Fancy: Flowers

Flowers… we all love them - they evoke a feeling of Love and Romance!  We loved picking flowers as children and making bouquets, slipping them behind our ear, adding them to our hairstyles. Even boys loved doing it – picking the flowers and giving them to Mommy or a girl they like. And, those boys are now men and are still sending flowers to the special ladies in their lives… So listen, beautiful brides-to-be, contrary to what you may assume, men love to be asked their input and will really enjoy helping you choose the flowers for your wedding. Try it, you will be surprised by the feedback you get from your honey, especially since men are very visual and can come up with some amazing ideas!
Trending for 2013 are all sorts of gorgeous bouquets for brides and some very simplistic concepts, too! We are thrilled to show you the range of fun, unique, beautiful creations and give you some fresh tips for lovely flower arrangements for your wedding.
Flower curtains are so lovely and romantic and set a tone of fantasy like there are little fairies hiding in the corner to wish the bride and groom good luck. We are in love with flower curtains, look how stunning!
A trend we are seeing for flowers, too, which is truly unique, beautiful and powerful, even, is having a single stem flower in your centerpieces and arrangements. One rose in a vase, one lily, one stem of an orchid floating in water, one flower for each bridesmaid and flowergirl, just one. We’re intrigued!
 And, following our commitment to staying as eco-friendly as possible, there are many advantages and disasters you could avoid by buying your wedding flowers from local growers. First of all, you don’t have to worry about all the travel, for example, exotic flowers are enduring to make it for your special day. You’ll be helping the environment with saving on transportation as well as supporting your local flower farms! Different flowers are in bloom during various times of the year, so educate yourself about the local foliage and flowers blooming in your area at the time of your wedding. If, let’s say, you’re getting married in California, be sure to log onto the California Cut Flower Commission website (http://www.ccfc.org/ca-cut-flowers) for a full, thorough list of all flowers and foliage which are in season for your special day. Californian couples having an April wedding can have gorgeous purple calla lilies and know that they are in season, local and celebrating one of the hot colors for flowers this year – purple! Nothing is more breathtaking than a wedding adorned with fresh, vibrant flowers, and you can do this by helping our planet too!


 Another huge trend we are seeing which we are so excited about is “wearable flowers,” or literally incorporating a good amount of flowers into the bride, bridesmaids and oooh la la – our little flower girl princesses’ outfit. We mean hats with flowers on them, pins, corsages, flower combs, flower headbands and even flowers in the dresses! We love this concept at Frilly Fairy Tales and will be happy to work with you to customize your little Darlings’ outfits especially for this trend! Wearable flowers are gorgeous and breathtaking and add elements of marvel and fantasy. We’re in love with these bride’s whole look:

Now check out our little angels modeling our gorgeous Frilly Fairy Tales creations with beautiful wearable flowers!
Alright, Frilly Fairy Tale fans, we hope you enjoyed this month’s blog and until next time remember what the gorgeous, infamous writer/activist Emma Goldman once said,
“I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.”

Happy Wedding Feeding

Happy Wedding Feeding!

Hello, our fabulous Frilly Fairy Tales fans, want to discover a sure way to have your wedding guests raving about your special day forever and ever? What we will be discussing in this month’s blog is something that no one should get wrong at their wedding – the food!!  It seems like such an obvious aspect of a celebration that just has to be absolutely perfect,  but unfortunately, we’ve attended enough weddings to admit that sadly, quite a few couples have missed the mark when it comes to serving great food. And so we’re here to offer important advice to ensure that your guests will be delighted and praising your food for years to come.
We emphasize the benefit of only having (as best as you can manage) people attend your wedding whom you would gladly have over for dinner. With this in mind, we recommend that you get a good feel of what your guests enjoy eating at least six months before your big day. Yes, we know it sounds super strict to follow these rules - but remember that the sooner you know your guest’s food preferences, especially if there are any vegetatarians (which nowadays it’s always best to have a vegetarian dish), allergies or requests for halal and kosher foods – the quicker you’ll reach some peace of mind when it comes to feeding your guests properly, ensuring a happy, satisfied response. Brides and grooms can do a fun assignment together which will really please your guests and demonstrate your thoughtfulness in wanting them to really enjoy their meal on your special day. Brides, send out an email to your lady friends and ask them their opinions and suggestions, asking also for your guests to include any special requests for their food choices. Grooms, do the same thing with your buddies and see what responses you get. Next, as a couple, come together and merge your answers and recommendations together, and we promise you will love this smart, easy process which is truly so helpful!  This is a great way to customize your food menu to your guests’ liking, and by the time you meet with your prospective chefs and caterers, you will already have a good amount of research on the tastes and suggestions of your guests.
We are so in love with chef Rochelle Myers, a classical trained chef who has a phenomenal catering business as well as amazing cooking classes (http://www.rochellemyerscatering.com/). She was kind enough to speak with us about her vision for her wedding clients - she truly listens and gives them exactly what they want and more! “We strive to achieve a menu and presentation that is personal, seasonal, delicious, fresh and suited to the theme of the wedding,” chef Rochelle explains. “We like our menus to reflect the tastes, personal histories and cultural backgrounds of our couples just as we strive to use local products. The result is a menu that is unique to the event. We have a strong focus on seasonal, local and organic produce on our menus, which means a lot of beautiful colors and fresh flavors on our menus. Our approach to food emphasizes pristine ingredients, which we treat simply--most of our most popular recipes have only a few ingredients, instead focusing on natural flavors and proper technique to achieve delicious food. We strive for friendly, expert service and a clean presentation to keep guests in the moment with friends, family and food. We strive to learn something from every event.”  Thanks Chef Rochelle, you definitely understand and appreciate our exceptionally high standards we have for our readers at Frilly Fairy Tales!


Dawn , owner of Frilly Fairy Tales, had food catered from Garden Kitchen (http://www.gardenkitchen.com/home) at her 2007 wedding in beautiful historic Occoquan, Virginia. The food was so delicious and savory that people are still talking about it! We wanted to know her secret to her perfect selection of what seemed like an exquisite blend of meats, side dishes and yummy provisions. Here’s what she shared with us: “When I first met with The Garden Kitchen, I knew I had found the perfect catering company! They assisted me in selecting an outstanding menu, figuring table placements at the venue and put every detail in place. The vision in my head became a reality on my wedding day, and they surpassed my expectations. Not only was the reception beautiful, but the staff was very professional and they ensured our guests were happy." We were present at Dawn’s romantic nuptials and we completely agree that everything about the dining experience was delightful! Still, we wanted to know more… what was their secret?  And we discovered that the magic behind the incredible cuisine is the passionate self-taught, chef, Anne-Marie, an enthusiastic lover of entertaining who has been mastering her family’s recipes for 27 years! This is a family business, Darlings, and we love nothing more than appreciating and celebrating those whose dedication and passion in life is to make wedding dreams come true!  Our mouths were watering just looking at these pictures of their delicious delights!

We want to remind you how lucky you are to live in the Metropolitan area where you have access to the best venues, chefs and catering companies out there. We cannot stress enough how vital it is to really take your time and think carefully about the food you serve, and please, please, please, have a food tasting! Also, don’t forget your rehearsal dinner, where this really gives you an opportunity to really show the invites to this smaller gathering what you really like without really worrying as much about the possible constraints you may encounter when wishing to be totally creative and pick only foods you love for your wedding. You will always triumph with your food impression by researching and thoroughly accommodating your guests’ tastes on your wedding day. But one place where you can get really creative and celebrate your unique tastes in food is during your rehearsal dinner. Don’t forget how relaxing and personal your rehearsal dinner can be - where this really gives you an opportunity to show the invites to this smaller gathering what you really like without really worrying as much about the probable more conventional constraints you will have to adopt for your wedding food selection. Why not have a Raw Foods rehearsal dinner? It’s so healthy and surprising to choose a raw food menu, and the benefits will be immediate. Your guests will have tons of lasting energy, will be introduced to a fun, creative new cuisine and everyone will be surprised and delighted by how delicious raw, vegan food can be. Genny Pamas (http://lifetimeintegrativewellness.com/tag/genny-pamas) (http://www.facebook.com/genny.pamas?fref=ts) , a highly in-demand raw foods chef can prepare a dinner at your home or a nice location for 40 people. These dinner parties are super fun, interesting and everything is so tasty! Check out these yummy dishes she can whip up!

But Don’t skip this step to save costs! Trust us!

We have been so lucky to attend so many weddings where so many different dishes have been served, some so exotic, some so unexpected and some so tasty that we appreciate and value the importance of planning every morsel of nourishment you and your guests will be enjoying. Don’t skip the steps we’ve shown you to ensure an awesome food fanfare at your wedding! Trust us!

In honor of the first day of Spring (March 20 – which is also the Persian New Year called “Nowrooz”), we have to mention a great place where you can have authentic, delicious Persian food catered at your wedding at very reasonable costs with flavors and a savory deliciousness to the food that we simply can’t stop eating there! Johnny’s Kabob (http://www.johnnyskabobrestaurant.com/) is so yummy that we are completely hooked and promise you that if you choose their food for your wedding, your guests will be blown away!  

We wish our friends in the Persian Community a very Happy New Year and would love to share the beauty, unbelievable tastes of Persian cuisine with all our Persian fans!

Until next time, Bon Appetit and Buen Provecho!


Red, White & Vintage!

February is the month of Love !! Valentine’s Day is a special day which lovebirds throughout celebrate each other. Ah yes, Love – or as the romantic French coo… L’amour is in the air!  We wanted to jubilate all things vintage this month, and how unique and exquisite old, beautiful pieces can really add a memorable and special touch to your wedding. Our region has a good number of wonderful vintage stores where more and more brides are choosing their old world bride’s dresses and bridesmaids dresses. Vintage accessories are so charming and original, and the possibilities of what you can find in vintage and antique stores are limitless. The quaint little store in DC “It’s Vintage Darling” is a treasure trove of finds from vintage dresses to shoes to accessories. http://itsvintagedarlingdc.com/gallery.htm.

“Rock it Again” http://www.rockitagain.com/search/label/Dresses on U Street in DC is another great store with fabulous vintage dresses. We can’t forget to mention “Eclectic Threads” in Arlington, Virginia, where you can find amazing vintage dresses and accessories for you and your bridesmaids. http://www.ecleticthreadsva.com/forsale.html
Lots of couples are getting married this month on or around Valentine’s Day, and we have one story in particular which we wanted to share with our Frilly Fairy Tales fans. It’s a touching, empowering story about Amber, a young unemployed single mother of 5 children who is a survivor of domestic violence. She has finally found Love again and is getting married to a wonderful, responsible man on Valentine’s Day and we are so excited to follow her during this beautiful time. Unable to afford anything, we discovered that a team of generous and kind souls in the wedding industry are working to give Amber the wedding of her dreams which she so deserves! Her story has just recently been made public, and already, there have been donations of wedding dresses, hair, makeup services, photography services, a wedding cake and financial contributions. We are humbled and moved by the outpour of support from the community to make Amber’s dreams come true. We hear that her children are over the moon with excitement and cannot wait for their mother to marry the man of her dreams. Amber has chosen the colors red and white for her color scheme at her wedding like many couples do during this month. The combination is delightful and we have so many ideas for you!  Stay tuned for pictures of Amber’s wedding and an update on her life and how she has reversed her misfortune. If you would like more information on Amber or would like to kindly contribute to making her dreams come true, please contact Karen at kparisami@gmail.com for details. Congratulations Amber, we are sending you much love from the entire family at Frilly Fairy Tales.
Here is a picture of our lovely bride-to-be, Amber, trying on dresses!

Like we said above, the dominant color palette for February is always red and white. Red signifies many things, especially Love, and is a very powerful, intense color, elevating the heart rate and breathing patterns. In some cultures, the color red depicts strong energy, good fortune, bravery, passion, marriage, faith and communication. There are 285 different shades of red visible to the naked eye and any one you choose, when paired up with white, is truly an aesthetic wonder.

Gorgeous young bride, Elizabeth, was married in 2009 with a red and white color theme. Her lipstick is a gorgeous deep crimson shade which is so reminiscent of vintage chic. Red lips are so old world glamour and we are obsessed with them! Check out her pics! Additionally, more photos from this wonderful photographer can be seen at: http://www.marnomuth.com/blog/


Frilly Fairy Tales could create beautiful custom creations for the little girls in your life in red and white for that feeling of Love and Valentine’s Day magic.

Elizabeth’s adorable little girl, Taylor, was a big part of her Mommy’s friend’s wedding. This dress from David's Bridal is so cute and we’re in love with the beautiful mother and child! The apple certainly does not fall far from the tree...

And voila, more vintage dresses! We are infatuated with this Omelia gown with its intricate detail, craftsmanship and homage to the loveliness of vintage glamour.


For your “Something Borrowed” item, a gorgeous vintage piece like this hand-carved ivory and silver necklace is an eye-catching new way to use old world glamour. Think of unique, memorable looks which blend for example, the grace and delicate flairs of a vintage wedding gown, with the surprising allure of a unique, chunkier vintage accessory.


Having a black and white photo booth at your wedding will keep guests entertained all night long and we found a fun way to accessorize your pics! http://www.etsy.com/listing/98738449/photo-booth-props-cigar-and-martini?ref=sr_gallery_10&ga_includes[0]=tags&ga_search_query=wedding+photobooth+props&ga_search_type=all&ga_page=1&ga_view_type=gallery%20%28etsy


The vintage feel warms the heart and will give your guests a nice journey back in time. Check out this mini vintage aluminum tray depicting a passionate scene from the legendary 1926 classic silent film “Son of a Sheikh” with the Italian silent film actor, Rudolf Valentino (1895-1926) who was truly the George Clooney of his day. We would put this tray as part of the table décor which can be used as a tray with some other cool vintage finds, or mounted against a plate stand.


Adorn your dining tables at your wedding with gorgeous vintage candle snuffers like this one:
Check out this vintage frame we picked up at the Goodwill store for $7. It has a built-in working clock and the traditional wedding vow beautifully inscribed inside it.


We love February weddings and all the romance getting married on Valentine’s Day brings. We cherish love stories old and new - humanity has always been moved throughout the beginning of history by wondrous stories of Love… Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, Romeo and Juliet, Napoleon and Josephine... and your heart will melt when you hear the story about the Love  Shah Jahan, the ruler of the Mughal Empire, had for his new bride. In 1612, he commissioned the building of the great Taj Mahal in her honor. The Taj Mahal took two decades, 20,000 workers and 1,000 elephants to build. Today this magnificent monument is a reminder and a glorious symbol of the beautiful things Love can make us do.



We look forward to hearing more about Amber’s love story and sharing it with all of you!
Cheers everyone… Ta-ta!


To view Amber's story on video, please click on the video below.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, or know someone who is a victim, links are provided below the video to helpful outside resources.

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The Story of Amber Carter
On January 30th, 2013, I received a touching e-mail from a dear friend Karen Parisa Sami, who had a request that I simply couldn't turn down. She told me about a friend that was unemployed with 5 youn...

Helpful Links:

Green Weddings


Nothing loves romance more than Mother Nature, and we love supporting her in every way! Let’s start off the New Year by committing to staying as “green” as possible, or as we like to say:  Here here to Eco-friendly Darlings!  Our area is full of possibilities to help us make less of a carbon footprint and be more of a green inspiration. We all remember, of course, the overwhelming anticipation we had to watch the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. When the doors were opened inside the sacred halls of Westminster Abbey, it was surprising to find minimal décor for the Wedding of the Century. Green trees lined the long aisles on both sides – it was an effective tastefulness which also possessed an enchanting warmth to it. It was like bringing the outdoors in and taking the indoors out at the same time… as regal and majestic as the proceedings were, there was still a vibe of earthly humility and a love for all things natural. The placement of live trees became very popular in weddings after that, along with a true desire in many bridal communities to green up their events.  

“The first rule for a green wedding, but also probably the hardest part for most brides, is to throw out the wedding industry standard of a fabulous wedding…start with a green venue which supports local non-profits and is prepared to provide sustainable services,” advises Jenn Truong, Environmental Resource Advisor at the Reston Association.

The great thing about the Washington, D.C. area is that there are so many historical landmarks and properties which you can tie the knot at, and many of these beautiful venues are all about greening their event. Some examples are Tudor Place
http://www.tudorplace.org/rentals.html in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., the Ronald Reagan building with a completely sustainable wedding catering menu
and so many more! 

An unforgettable way to connect with Nature on your special day is to hold your wedding outdoors, and sometimes quite literally in the middle of the wilderness. Just as the weather of beach weddings has miraculously shifted towards the bride and groom’s favor at the last minute, you will be surprised by how customized and beautiful you can make your wedding in the woods.

Laura Crepeau, a warranty administrator in Vienna, Virginia, got married in Burke Lake Park(http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/burkelakepark/directions.htm) ten years ago and recalled the magic to us. “Nature provides flowers and a chorus of birds. We reserved a large picnic area, set up the reception at tables under a grove of trees, and had the service itself in an adjoining field… For an inexpensive wedding, you can’t beat a public park.”  Although Burke Lake Park does not allow alcohol consumption, make sure to check out the rules and regulations of each park as they all vary - and book as early as you can!  Historic sites such as Fort C. F. Smith in Arlington is now hosting weddings on their grounds, and red wine is allowed to be served. (http://www.arlingtonva.us/departments/parksrecreation/fortcfsmith/parksrecreationfortcfsmithftcfsmith.aspx)

Couples are greening their choices by, for example, using a caterer which only cooks local farm-raised meats and local produce and grains. More requests are being made for “Save-the-Date”cards and invitations to be produced with recycled material. Brides are selecting gorgeous eco-friendly organic dresses like the ones available by Kendal Leonard Designs on Etsy, and Frilly Fairy Tales' casual flower girl dresses made from organic cotton.

Many brides are also preferring to wear their mother’s dresses – a moving gesture of carrying on a beautiful tradition and an ultimate act of recycling! Gorgeous young bride Katie Man, an AmeriCorps Alum with a burgeoning career in Environmental Sciences, explains that there are wonderful green options now for weddings which many simply don’t know about. “I’ve seen some beautiful vintage wedding rings, which re-use the diamonds from old rings and put them into new settings, or made from settings of recycled gold. They were gorgeous and had a cool history. Also, if you do buy a new ring, do a little research into finding one that is responsibly sourced.” More and more, weddings are honoring a precious code to respect, if not include the environment in their special day. We love all these happy couples’ dedication to staying green!   So how fitting it was to discover that the primary color for weddings in 2013 is GREEN!  Yes, green of all shades, but with a dominant trend in mint green. We are having so much fun coming up with creative ways to celebrate this color and share its beauty and meaning with you and all your future guests. Green is the color of Nature, it has a cooling and warming effect, soothing the visual senses with an earthly color we are instinctually drawn to. Throughout most world cultures, green symbolizes rebirth, renewal, abundance, harmony, peace and fruitfulness. Pair it up with a pretty peach or deep brown and the possibilities for aesthetic delight are endless!

We fell in love with these place settings and will be highly recommending them for upcoming weddings! And, who doesn’t love the flavor of mint in cake and ice cream? We found so many gorgeous, delicious cakes so delectable and minty that they are truly works of art.

We are so tickled by all the cute stuff we are finding all over our searches for the hottest green accessories and adornments for your big day!  Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials and we are thrilled to have you visit our site, your best source for wedding tips. Stay tuned for next month’s wedding post for the month of Love!!!  

Cheers everyone - Ta-ta!    

Karen Parisa Sami      

Bio:Karen Parisa Sami is a freelance writer and painter who resides in Falls Church, Virginia. She loves long walks in the woods, reading, cooking and is often found in the company of laughter. Very active in local social causes, she finds the most education and inspiration from children, nature, animals and the elderly.
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